4 tips to help improve your bench press

We all love Mondays at the gym. There’s no better way to kick the Monday blues away by celebrating International Chest Day. While the men love to bench to have chest so huge it can squash a

Energy availability: The key to maximum strength and muscle growth.

Gainz.   That’s the reason we took our first step into the gym. It’s also the reason why we discipline ourselves to be consistent with how we train and eat, something people who aren’t pursuing the same

Coaching a national champion

I am a lifter and I am also a coach. I try not to let those roles overlap too much as it can throw me into muddy waters. What I mean is, I try not to let

Lifestyle and it’s influence in the gym

Lift, eat, sleep and repeat. Unless we’re professional athletes, we probably do not have the privilege to live a lifestyle mentioned above. It’s without a doubt that if we were to do only those things, our performance

Dummies guide to supplements, what works and what doesn’t

Besides good looking physiques from various males and females on instagram and various social media channels, the next sexiest thing in the fitness industry is definitely supplements. Tell me when was the last time you read a

Maverick Performance Nutrition is live!

So after writing about my reflections for 2015, I decided that I have a couple of big projects lined up for 2016   *I highly recommend every do some form of reflection and to know how, HERE’S

Reflections from 2015

2015 was a year that had both highs and lows. I think is really important to reflect not just on the victories but defeats as well. My reflection would cover what went well and what I could

The Two T’s of Nutrition – An Intermediate Guide

  It’s Christmas time! And honestly it’s one of the most wonderful time of the year, only thing I wished I could have this Christmas is that I was back home celebrating it with my family and

The ABC of Nutrition

Word count:1600 Too long didn’t read summary: 1.Being aware of the role your food you eat plays a huge rule. Know your macronutrient 2.Macronutrient differences will happen according to different goals. Build your nutrition according to your

The secret is out! And how you can use nutrition to reach your goals.

So here’s the big revelation. I’ve been teasing for a while now that I’m doing my placement with a pretty big football club. Dropping hints here and clues even more obvious than how a teenage boy would