Do you even get coached?

The previous post was definitely the return of writing on my blog. That doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything throughout the entire year of hiatus. I’ve actually written a few guest post for a couple of sites

Let’s begin again….in the UK!

Alright, you all won. You wanted me to start writing again so here I am staring at my computer screen chunking on letters on the keyboard. Besides the pretty cheesy title, begin is actually quite a good

Preparing for your first strength competition.

As human beings, we all have some form of primal instincts. There is the need for food (though we stopped hunting and gathering), the need to procreate & the need to compete. Being a competitive powerlifter myself,

Tips for the gym goer this Ramadan

This article isn’t just for those fasting during Ramadan; the basic principles apply to anyone when they fast. Only difference is that during Ramadan, water can’t be consumed as well. It’s time of the year again, Ramadan

Why harder is not always better.

In the world of fitness, there are tons of misinformation and fads out there. With extremely well done marketing, even the most gimmicky sounding “get abs in 60 seconds” protocol can deceive the lay person. On the

Is it the carbs or calories? What’s more important?

The title of this post itself has raised debates, spark internet wars and even ended in the death of the reputation of many. With all the drama surrounding a single question, you might be surprised that till this

Reflections of 2014

2014 was an amazing year. It’s probably the best year I’ve experienced yet. A ton of things happened, while some of them life changing there were some that were pretty much routine. Routine or not, I’m thankful for

A Christmas Strength Fundraiser

 I love lifting and that’s a fact. Strength is something I place high on my priority list in life. Some of the other things on the list are family & friends, helping people be happy and ice

How to acquire superhuman energy & focus.

  I’m a huge Bradley Cooper fan. I’ve said it, I have a man crush on his deep blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. Besides, I’ve really enjoyed all his recent movies. One of the movies I enjoyed

3 reasons why you’re not getting stronger.

I know, I know, I promised a post about deadlift awesomeness. But for some reason I encountered some technical issues which is preventing me from showering all of you with deadlift awesomeness.   Do not fret because